The Clothed-Female/Naked-Male Environment

 Origins and Meaning of CFNM

    "CFNM" means quite simply "clothed-female/naked-male".   It describes a situation or environment wherein when both genders are present, only males are nude while whereas the females always remain fully clothed.   It does not necessarily connate a sexual or erotic encounter, but only describes a disparity in clothing between the genders.   Yet although it's meaning is simple, its implications can be profound.  

When viewed from an historical context the term "CFNM" is relatively new, however, its context is ancient.    It has been seen around the world in religious ceremonies and in  rites of passage for millennia.  In Ancient Greece,   it was mandatory for all male athletes competing in the Olympics to do so completely naked, while young female virgins were encouraged to watch them compete under the belief that watching these young virile men compete in the nude would entice the young ladies to seek a mate for matrimony.  In fact, the word gymnasium comes from the Ancient Greek word "gymnos", which literally means "naked", and was how all men competed as it encouraged aesthetic appreciation of the male nude body.

In current society, male nudity is not viewed with the same adoration as it was in ancient times.   Instead, it is the female who's nudity is both desired and exploited.   Female nudity can be seen in everything from product advertisements to media in all forms.   Yet as women slowly attain higher positions in our society's structure, their demands can no longer go ignored.   And many such women decry such misogynistic focus while seeking the same privileges our society has only allowed men to enjoy, and that is the presentation of the nude male for their enjoyment, regardless of whether such presentation is done for purpose, or simply gratuitous and solely to please women and nothing else.


Just as affirmative action has slowly begun to open up education and the workforce for all races, gender and sexual orientation, CFNM is often viewed by women as an appropriate and necessary counter-balance to the male-oriented exploitation of female nudity in media specifically, and in society in general.

There is an unquestionable power imbalance when CFNM occurs.  The male is naked and vulnerably exposed to the female, yet the female is secure in being concealed from his eyes beneath clothing.   She can see everything about him -- fully and intentionally exposed to her -- yet there is no reciprocity as her delights remains guardedly concealed under her clothing.   CFNM creates what is tantamount to an unfair situation, yet this inequity is not only acknowledged, but is emphasized and celebrated and it is this dynamic tension that makes CFNM so uniquely special.

CFNM is now occurring in a myriad of asexual contexts tied to vocations.    In recent decades, female sports reporters have gained the legal right to enter male locker rooms for interviewing athletes.  Now a permanent fixture in the ancient inner sanctum of male athletes, these women are in the immediate presence and converse with the men as they strip completely naked, shower and dress no differently than they had in past centuries.   Female guards are now gaining equal employment rights in correctional facilities to monitor male inmates as they shower or must go through strip searches.  Regardless of whether their exists of any prurient interests for the females, many men that have experienced these situations claim to have the same feelings of disadvantage and vulnerability as to what is  inherent to CFNM environments.

But the power exchange from male to female afforded by CFNM can provide both men and women a  positive experience.   The tension created by such intentional exposure and inequity can be exhilarating and enjoyed by both genders. 

And so you might ask, where did the term "CFNM" originate and why?

Although not called "CFNM" per se, the first documented orchestrated gathering that was intentionally CFNM for the same inequitable dynamic if creates was organized in 1990 by four renowned women in the literary circles around San Francisco.  These women, who were strong advocates of feminism, were Susie Bright, Lisa Palac, Laura Miller and Amy Wallace (daughter of legendary best-selling author, Irving Wallace).  The ladies held a now-famous tea party where only women were invited and allowed entry as guest to the event, during which time they discussed literature, ate hors d'oeuvres and drank fine wine.   However, the butlers, waiters and servants were all exclusively men, who volunteered to serve the ladies with the utmost politeness, and were only allowed to speak when spoken to.  But most importantly, with the exception of a bowtie and polished shoes and socks,  all men were required to serve the ladies completely naked for the entire evening.   The party, which was called The Naked Slaveboy Tea Party, was such a huge success that others followed, and over the years they are still occurring world-wide.   Their success and longevity evidences the uniquely special and desirable aspects of a CFNM environment for many women,  and, how it can be a very positive and enjoyable experience for those women that seek it.

Subsequently, in the mid 1990s, this author, Brad Thompson (my nom de plume) teamed with a group of devilishly devious ladies to host the first official CFNM party.   Prior to hosting this event, we created a website "Visual Sensations for Women", which both defined and presented CFNM underscoring the essence of it all in an attempt to educate people, particularly women.   The parties held were of great success, and all women present stressed what a brilliant idea they were and how much they enjoyed themselves.  And consistent with all proper CFNM gatherings, there were never any sexual activities between genders.  Through that website and discussion forum, which were the predecessors to what is now this CFNM Village site, the acronym we created to describe it all - "CFNM" - went absolutely viral on the Internet soon growing to over 100 million hits on search engines.  

But over time the term CFNM began to grow organically to encompass many interpretations by various groups with differing agendas, some of which being inconsistent to its original and true meaning.   As is the case with any great movement, money attracts elements of society that seek to control and own such movements for profit.   Porn producers targeting the consumer dollars of men that sit at their computers and download their product created their own version of CFNM for profit - one that has no relationship to the real world and instead of being a movement for the service of women, women are relegated to being props for the fantasies of the many men that buy Internet porn.  Their usage of the term unfortunately has flooded search engines, and for the neophytes wanting to explore and learn about the concept, they often misunderstand the true meaning and instead associate it with the stereotypical pornography that objectifies women while catering solely to male fantasies, all the while calling itself CFNM.

True CFNM intentionally creates an environment that would naturally not exist in a communal gathering, and it is this unnatural inequity between the genders that makes it so exhilarating for both.  It is never about hardcore sex, but instead explores and promotes those heterosexual situations in which men are presented to women naked in all their exposed glory and vulnerability, without the women having any requirement or obligation to respond in kind.  CFNM turns the societal tables, which for so long have objectified women, and thus to allow women the same opportunity to observe all aspects of men on display naked and vulnerable.  And it is solely up to the woman, not the man, how that situation can and should be enjoyed.

It should be noted that CFNM of and by itself is not specific to any form of erotic fetish, BDSM or female domination.   Notwithstanding this, the empowerment of women that is integral to CFNM, which when coupled with the helplessness and vulnerability of naked males, creates an environment that fits well within the world of female domination fetishes.  For the consenting adults that enjoy female domination, the use of the term "CFNM" is perfectly appropriate and presents an efficient and accurate description of the differences in clothing between genders done in a manner intended to accentuate female empowerment, all of which fits well within the definition of CFNM.   But it is wrong to associate CFNM, or more often described in the fetish as CFnm, as an erotic pursuit exclusively targeting female domination over male subservience.  Correctly put, although such play can appropriately be called CFNM and works well within such contexts, it is not exclusive to those fetishes as it has a far more broader reach and following.

But...this reach does not include anything dealing with any form nonconsensual engagement by either gender.   CFNM doe not include aggressive male exhibitionism, otherwise known as "flashing".   Flashing is an activity that involves a man exposing himself to unsuspecting females in an environment where nudity normally would not to be expected.  This includes any type of flashing that men stage in an attempt to make it appear "accidental".  Flashing all too often leaves the unsuspecting woman  disgusted, offended and frightened and should never be associated with CFNM.  CFNM by definition means an empowerment of women and that those females partaking in the activity must know in advance they will be in the proximity of nude men, then based upon their own reasons make a unilateral decision to place themselves in that situation.   Men that wrongfully associate flashing with CFNM are not empowering the women, but the opposite - they are unconcerned about the well being of the women, and are just using women merely as props to realize their selfish sexual enjoyment regardless of how it affects the women. 

Because in its essence, it is the females' desires for the inequity of dress created by CFNM that creates a new dynamic in the traditional roles, and that is what we celebrate and promote within our CFNM Village.   And such dynamics need not be confined to a sexual environment such as the bedroom, as they can be found in in a broad array of societal contexts including orchestrated events and parties, vocational activities, ceremonial rites, exotic balls, recreational activities, fetish play and entertainment.  And all of these situations, and more, are highlighted, explored, discussed and planned within our Village. 

So please join us in our Village and explore the opportunities a CFNM environment may present to you!